Clinical services

By grouping our clinical services into categories, you have a better understanding of what to expect from us:


Initial opinion

This may be the first time you have consulted with a paediatrician regarding your child's difficulties, or you may have seen other people already.

We conduct an initial opinion over two meetings, usually booked a week apart. 

Comprehensive assessment

Often further information is required before we are able to draw a conclusion regarding what is going on. Further assessment includes:

Management plan

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In our experience, the best way to help children is to begin with a plan. We approach this in terms of what to achieve (goals, outcomes, purpose), and then consider how to achieve this (strategy). The goals include immediate (priorities now), short term (e.g. by the end of the year) and long term (e.g. when your child becomes an adult).

As part of the management plan we negotiate with you the role we will take, so this is clearly understood. If we are to be involved, we also discuss with you what our expectations are.

To achieve this we organise a session specific for the purpose of planning. Following this, we write up a plan for you that includes what has been discussed and decided.

Plan management and review

Review visits are part of a management plan. They are opportunities to reflect on how well the plan is going, and to look ahead. This allows resetting the immediate and short term goals, and revising the long-term goals as necessary.

Legal opinions

We are able to provide legal opinions on matters relevant to child development and behaviour.

To find out more please contact us.

Examples include:

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