DMC 2022 - COVID 19 Guidelines

Our goal is to make sure our practice is as safe as possible for you, for other families that come to see us, and for our staff.

At the same time, we aim to provide the best care for children and families.

Video (Zoom) consultations

Continuing care: Video is our preferred format for continuing care consultations.

Initial Visits: Our default is to organise the initial visit by Zoom Video, then decide if and when a face-to-face visit is wise and appropriate.

If we do organise initial visits by Zoom, these will be 60 minutes rather than our default 90 minute face-to-face initial bookings.

Face to Face visits

There are circumstances where face-to-face is preferred, or even necessary. It is necessary to undertake physical examinations and developmental assessments of children. It is preferred when conversations are complicated and potentially difficult.

When a face-to-face is preferred:

For us

For you

If you have any questions about this, about what arrangements are appropriate for your child and family, please email or call us.