Prescriptions and other non-consultation services

Medical consultations (face to face or tele-health) are standard medical services, eligible for Medicare rebates.

We also provide various services between consultations. Examples include:

We regard these services as clinically significant. We make notes in our records, and they are undertaken in accordance with relevant medico-legal and ethical considerations. 

Service Fee

When we provide non-consultation services, it is likely that a separate fee will apply.  Please ask the administration staff for more information.

If we provide these non-consultation clinical services, we ask that you pay by credit card on the same day, either over the telephone or face to face if you come in to pick items up. We expect that fees will be paid prior to, or at the next consultation.


We do not provide prescriptions outside of consultations settings as standard practice. We believe it is important to review progress as part of clinical care on a regular basis. 

If you need re-prescription outside of a consultation, we will ask you to make an appointment, and only provide sufficient medication to last up to that appointment time.

Forms and documents

In developmental paediatrics, we deal with many documents. These may be for schools, the NDIS, social security and a variety of other purposes.

If the document is not too complex, we can complete these, and a fee will apply. If you send us a form, we will verify that you understand a fee is payable before completing this form.

If the document is complex, or requires up-to-date information, we will organise a clinical consultation for the purpose of completing the document.

Legal documents

It is our general policy not to write specific documents for legal purposes (e.g. custody disputes). If required to, such documents will be charged at a separate professional rate for preparation.

If we become involved in legal matters though this process, our general rule is that we are no longer able to provide clinical services for the child. 

If you are unsure about this, please discuss it with your doctor.

Phone calls

Clinically significant phone calls take time, and are documented in the child's records. In general we pre-arrange and book these.

Calls that are quick are generally not charged.