Privacy of Information

At DMC we take the issue of information privacy seriously. In the course of our work, we will collect a good deal of information about your child and family. 

We collect and use this information in compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles, along with AMA recommendations.

This information includes, but is not necessarily restricted to:


We store this information on a common clinical database. As a result, the information is available for viewing to other Professionals working within the service. We may seek opinion from each other, and in this discussion, share details of individual cases.

If you do not want this to occur, please let the doctor you are working with, or our Administration Officer know of this.

Outside professionals

As is the expectation with medical referrals, summary letters or reports are sent to your referring General Practitioner.

It is our standard policy that we also provide you with a copy of all information we send back to the General Practitioner.

We do not send copies of information to schools or other outside professionals as a matter of routine. If you would like us to send information to another party, please let us know. If we believe it would be useful to send information to other professionals, we will discuss this with you beforehand.

Use and storage of information

The information about your child and family contained in the DMC files will not be used for teaching or research purposes without your consent. 

All information kept on computer systems is password protected and stored securely


If you have any questions regarding this policy, if you wish to change some of the information we have collected, or if you would like to change how we deal with your information in some way, please discuss it with our Administration Officer, or the doctor you meet with.